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tv   [untitled]    June 7, 2013 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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actually, it neutralizes my next question because i was going ask your thought process as you heard as a commissioner voting on this, what were you thinking, but you haven't voted on it. >> i would say you have to go back to the community. >> and the next question is about the transit effectiveness program and how mta is looking to expand the 22 bus line into the port, into pier 70 specifically. it's a few years down the line, nonetheless, but maybe you could talk to me a little bit about your knowledge. >> hasn't come before the commission. >> hasn't come yet. i apologize for jumping. >> you know more than i do. >> these are things to certainly think about and i have to say you have been a really great partner in the past several years, not only as a role-model to many young women in the city as a
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commissioner, but also as a community partner and you show up to a lot of community events and you are not one of those commissioners who show up when there is a camera on, but you show up when there is work that needs to be done. so i just want to have an opportunity to publicly say thank you. >> thank you. >> miss brandon, first of all, i want to thank you for your willingness to continue serving the city on the port commission. and as one of the most diverse ports in the nation, and basically the economic engine for the city, the port generates revenues from the state leasing and parking and maritime and development projects. what is your vision then? and i think a bit of my colleagues' questions were part of this question. what is your vision and how do you plan to
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balance the enterprising nature of the port, with the responsibilities to the neighborhood quality of life issues? >> well, i think the port this past year, i think our budget was about $70 million. and i think our -- i think we have over $1 billion worth of infrastructure work that needs to be done to keep our port vibrant. and so it's a really hard balancing act, which is why we do a lot of public-private partnerships. and with those public-private partnerships come the various community concerns or questions and how we're going to continue to all work together to bring certain projects along? i think the port has done a really good job, like with the renovation of ferry building. the renovation of pier 1, where our port offices are. the new exploratorium that just
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opened. i think we're doing a great job of finding new financing sources to be able to keep these piers operable and to be able to generate revenue, but it is a tough balancing act. >> some of the projects that are coming online, or hopefully coming online when i look at the preliminary plans on them, there is going to be residential and commercial and so forth. and one of the biggest questions that i have been asking, one of the questions that i have asked of the city for the last three decades when you build, in particular residential build-out in the residential area and you have families living there and so forth, where is the child-care center? >> i'm sorry? >> where is the child-care
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center in all of this? it seems like when i look at some of the plans, plans that people are discussing, that has not been a thought at all. and i am just curious what your thoughts around that particular issue would be, whether or not you would be an advocate, knowing that more likely than not, the build-out for residential units will probably increase the demand for child-care? >> you are right. i have not heard in any of these development deals anyone talk about child-care, but i do think if we are about to embark on creating new communities, it's definitely something that should be available for those residents. and i would definitely support child-care in any of these communities. >> i appreciate that, because i need an ally on the port
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commission. >> like i told you, i'm willing and able to do a tour land or sea. >> thank you, miss brandon. >> thank you. >> now, if there is any public comment, you have two minutes. come on up and state your name and state whether you are for or against. >> this is act ii. >> two minutes. >> my name is carl williams. i am president of the san francisco african-american democratic club. the african-american democratic club supported miss brandon's nomination when it was first before the board of supervisors four years ago and since that time, she has served with distinction on the port commission. she has provided leadership. she has provided strong incentives for development, that meet the needs of the residents, as well as the commercial interests.
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and we are pleased to urge your re-appointment to miss brandon on the san francisco port commission. we think with the port now embarking on the level of economic development activities that it's currently embarked on, having her experience and her knowledge of what the port has done in the past, and what the port can do in the future would be a valuable asset to the people of san francisco. so we urge your support of her re-appointment. thank you. >> thank you. >> good afternoon, chair, yee, supervisor breed and supervisor cohen. i am from the san francisco arts commission. i am here in support of commissioner
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>> supervisor yee, supervisor breed, supervisor cohen, i am the chief administrative law judge for the public utilities
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commission and the port of san francisco holds that in trust for the people of california and i wanted to strongly urge you to reconfirm the appointment of kimberly brandon. commissioner brandon's knowledge is invaluable and having good succession planning and continuity is 3 4 f1key to sure that the port commission and all of the important projects, along the waterfront including tackling the $1 billion in infrastructure repairs and shoring up that needs to occur actually happens for the people of the state of california to continue to enjoy our beautiful waterfront. it's not just for san franciscans, fisherman's wharf
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is the second most visited tourist attraction in california, the first is disneyland. so i strongly urge that you keep our fabulous commissioner. we honored her -- i am the past president of the league of women's voters and we honored supervisor breed as a rising star and supervisor cohen has participated in our debates and our candidate forums for district 10. so speaking on believe of the league, as well as the coalition of 100 black women, we definitely support her re-appointment. thank you. >> thank you very much. >> good afternoon supervisors.
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my name is moses. i am a founder and former president of the african-american democratic club and i am also on the board of directors of the naacp and i am here today to speak in support of kim brandon, who has done wonderful well in our neighborhoods. before that i want to thank mayor lee for nominating her for the appointment. kim is well-known in our neighbored and not only in our neighborhood, but citywide. you can tell from her presentation, that she is very knowledgeable about what is going on citywide, especially at the port. she has the answers to all the questions and as you can tell, she answered all the questions that you posed to her. and i urge you to vote to
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re-appoint her, because she has done so much. and if you re-appoint her and vote for that, you have nothing to lose. so please, vote intelligently, vote wisely, and re-appoint her. thank you. >> thank you. >> good afternoon commissioner yee,commissioner breed and commissioner cohen, i am here in full support of the re-appointment of commissioner brandon. it was interesting while standing there, the first thing that came to mind looking around the room i was raised by a strong and bright african-american woman, and just to sit in this room and see so many strong, black, intelligent women is just a blessing. it really, truly is and i think from her leadership on the commission, on the port, you
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can see what has come about and not just her. of course all of the commissioners, as well as the very strong and brilliant director. so it's wonderful that the mayor was able to make this nomination. it's a blessing to see such strong leadership and please re-appoint kim brandyn it's not just great for our county, but great for the city and county of san francisco. thank you. >> thank you. >> hello, commissioners. my name is everett brandon and i am kim brandon's father. i think she is nervous about what i am going to say. [ laughter ] but i saw her when she first
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came on the commission and she was just a novice then and to see her grow over the years to become the kind of expert that she is in this area, it's just astonishing. and i have seen the port change into a world-class port and she was part of all of this happening. so one of the main reasons i am here to speak i used to be with the puc, public utilities commission and running a training and linda wong was my favorite intern and she left me to return here and she is now the rules clerk for your boards and i really wanted to come and say hello, linda. [ laughter ] and ask to you continue to support the fine work that
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kimberly is doing. thank you. >> thank you. >> mr. chair, members. my name is vincent mccarlie, i am chief executive officer -- and i strongly support the re-appoint of kimberly brandon to the commission. as a smalls business enterprise in the city, my brandon has been a local and consistent supporter of small businesses and whenever there are deliberations before the port, she is very concerted to make sure that they are part of the process and i have provided written comments and very much support her re-appointment. thank you all very much. >> thank you. >> chairman yee, supervisors breed and my supervisor cohen. my name is timothy allen simon
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and i am very honored and humbled to be the companion of kimberly brandon for well actually the last 16 years. i know the exact date. don't worry. but i met her as a commissioner. so all the time that we have been together, i have seen her in her professional capacity and i have learned so much from her in terms of how she balances her time and how dedicated she is to sharpening her craft as a commissioner. and that agenda arrives at our home, i know there is going to be time taken, when she not available, in her preparation for the meeting. the trail between her office of 101 california and pier 1 is a heavy walked trail as she goes back and forth to cover commission needs. as supervisor cohen so eloquently said her visibility in the southern waterfront and throughout the city clearly is something that i think every
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san franciscan can be proud of. so i just wanted to come and give my thoughts as someone who has not been an amazing commissioner and amazing partner to me and our children and our granddaughter is in the audience. i want to thank mayor lee as well and i will say that i feel our port is in good hands under her stewardship, along with her fellow commissioners and executive director moyer. thank you. >> thank you. >> good afternoon supervisors, manny flores consider local 2. i have watched commissioner brandon over the years and she is a well-spoken person, carries herself well, but most of all, she has a huge passion for her job and that is a huge plus. and that is what she really has going for her and we really
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support her. thank you. >> thank you. are there any more public comments? seeing none, public comment is now closed. [ gavel ] colleagues, any thoughts? >> i just wanted to publicly acknowledge that we have got the director of the port, monique moyer here today and thank you for joining us monique and wanted to give you an opportunity to speak, if you felt so moved. >> thank you very much, supervisors. i really did want to speak, but you had so much public comment i was trying to be mindful of your time. >> we'll give you a couple of minutes. >> thank you. >> thank you. i am watching. >> thank you, mr. chair. monique moyer from the port of san francisco. i have had the benefit of working with commissioner brandon since i arrived at the port. she has been a great mentor for me as well. and helped us to really provide good leadership of the port and
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a lot of the changes that you see happening at the port have been a long time coming. it's been a long time for us to be able to raise the funds that we're being able to invest now and have programs under which they kc invested and dedicated and i'm proud to tell you that for the first time in over 50 years the port is actually investing its own money with the city's help. and that has come from the good stewardship of the port commission and in particular the financial acumen of commissioner brandon. she is very concerned about the vibrancy of the southern waterfront and the beautification policy where we set aside monies from the revenues from mariposa street south to beautify the neighborhood and we have accumulated enough money that you will start seeing some of those investments and others that are happening along the
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creek that are not the port, but really changing the face there. it took the city about three decades to get the northern waterfront in the way that it is today. and one big factor to that was the course the federal investment in the embarcadero roadway. we haven't been as fortunate in the southern waterfront to have that type of economic spur, but we're really sitting on it right now with the development of 337 property and pier 70. and i think it's imperative that the port commission, we have got a great commission, but kimberly brandon is the one with the institutional memory, more so than myself and i think that is really valuable to the port at this very important time. so i thank you for the opportunity to speak and i support her nomination very much. thanks. >> thank you. >> supervisor breed. >> thank you. i am really excited to move
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this nomination through to the full board for a positive consideration and i just wanted to say a couple of things about commissioner brandon. since 1997, since many of us are san franciscans here on this committee and many in the room, we know what that particular area, where port is, primarily, centered in the heart of the embarcadero, what it used to look like. we remember before 1997, when the freeway was there, and after it had gotten torn down and how dark of a place it was. and in order to make it what it is today, you have to have good leadership. you have to have vision. and you have to have really good people who care about the city but more importantly, people who know how to make
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great things to happen and be patient in allowing those things to happen and i know commissioner brandon is one. she is a leader, a true visionary and also she is very particular about what she decides to put her time and resources towards. and the fact that she has committed her time to the port is truly something that san francisco should be happy about, should be proud of, because we are definitely heading in a direction where the port is becoming what it needs to be for san francisco and now clearly, moving in the direction of making sure that the south -- the southern part of the port is not completely neglected and i know she is the kind of person who will ensure that doesn't happen and will move in a positive direction to make it as equally
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amazing as the center part of the port. i am enthusiastically move this nomination forward. i know that her continued leadership, her institutional knowledge of the port is definitely necessary in order to make sure that we are moving in the right direction. and with that, thank you so much for your willingness to continue your service on the san francisco port commission. >> thank you. >> so i believe there is a motion to confirm the nomination of kimberly brandon for port commission to the full board without objection. did you say something ? >> i second that motion. >> okay. thank you. >> thank you. >> i am moving in my senior, sort of slow motion. [ laughter ] [ gavel ] , so moved. [ applause ] madame clerk, no. 5. >> item no. 5, motion
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confirming the mayor's re-appointment of larry del carlo to the treasure island development authority board of directors for a term ending february 26, 2017. >> larry del carlo, would you like to come up and make a statement? >> good afternoon, supervisors. and thanks for the opportunity to come and speak with you today about the consideration of my re-appointment to the treasure island development authority board. mayor lee, i would like to thanks for his confidence in me to ask for your consideration for my re-appointment. and i would like to tell you a little bit about myself. i won't go on too long, but i am also a native san franciscan. i couldn't believe it sitting here, seeing so many folks who are native san franciscans. i don't usually see that, but it was pleasant to see folks who are native to san francisco come up and make presentations.
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i was actually born and raised in the commission distributeding in san francisco, and graduated from mission high school and later got my degree in public administration and serves as executive director for two mayors and had an opportunity to work with many folks, non-profit organizations, organizations, members of the board of supervisors and others and was able to enjoy what my passion is, is to work, especially with low-income communities and non-profit organizations to build affordable housing in san francisco, but also to provide needed services such as child-care and workforce development and so on. during my tenure as executive
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director, i was able to have the opportunity to be involved in provide something of those programs to the city. also i had some national involvement with public policy as the former president of the national community development association. as you can tell, most of my career in life has been spent working in community development, and housing development. i also worked for five years with the san francisco unified school district as the director of business and community development; where i am very proud of our accomplishments there in bringing school to career in san francisco, which was a program that provided opportunities for low-performing students. students who were consistently truant, to give them opportunities to actually learn in the workplace through paid
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internships. so i feel very good about that and a number of us were able to bring that to the city. and it continues today. also, i am currently the executive director of the mission housing development corporation, an organization that is about to have its 41st-year anniversary. and you know our commission is to preserve existing affordable housing, but also to provide new units of affordable housing especially to the communities of the commission district, and the south of market. i am a board member of the youth build usa, which is an organization also devoted to working with young people who need a second and third chance in some cases, to be able to do
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career opportunity exploration and get the kind of training that is necessary for them to have highly-skilled jobs and be able to earn decent wages. i have been on the treasure island commission for about two and a half years. and i filled the remaining term of a former member of the board, and now mayor lee has asked that i continue on to fill my own term, with your consideration and approval. a couple of concerns and efforts that i have made as a current board member has been to find opportunities for folks, who live in san francisco, local-hires is also a passion of mine. find opportunities for them to have job-training programs for them to be able to work as
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apprentices, to be able to obtain jobs and careers that will sustain them and their familis and treasure island development is an opportunity to make those kind of connections with job-training programs, with apprenticeship programs and so on, that can give our local resident and opportunity to have good careers. i am looking forward to continuing my work as a board member. you know, i really think that residents should participate and as members of boards and missions and so on, it's our duty to listen to everyone, to hear all sides and to ask questions when it's necessary to ask questions. and i think i have performed in
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that role, you know, to make sure that we are not just listening to staff reports and approving them, but that we're asking residents to speak up. i attend meetings on the island, and i have gotten to know a number of residents, and i enjoy their participation. so with that, i would like to ask you for your consideration and approval of my re-appointment. thank you very much for the time. >> thank you. any questions, supervisors? >> no. >> seeing none, okay. thank you. any public comments? >> i'm sorry, i have a question. >> larry. >> okay. >> supervisor breed. >> can you tell me what your thoughts are around how fast you believe the development of treasure island is moving versus how fast you think it should